Podcast: What Next for Other Voices? – An Interview with Philip King

The creator of Other Voices spoke to the Journal of Music about the ideas behind the programme and about the role music can play in society.

For the first episode of the Journal of Music’s new podcast, editor Toner Quinn interviews Philip King, creator of the Other Voices television series, musician and broadcaster. Other Voiceshas become an incredible platform for a new wave of indie artists, both in Ireland and internationally. As well as being a recorded-for-television concert series, it is also a festival that takes place in Dingle every December, and a travelling festival experience, building connections through music from Texas to Berlin and from Cardigan to Belfast.

The next edition of Other Voices takes place in Ballina on 28 and 29 February.

Philip spoke to Toner about the ideas behind the series, about the role music can play in society, and about his own musical background. Listen on Soundcloud below or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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