The Songs We Don’t Sing

I have been watching, in amazement, the cartoon Wonder Pets on the Nickelodeon children’s television channel.

Demonstrating the benefits of teamwork, Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling (Ming-Ming is everyone’s favorite, and mine, too) save an animal in trouble—sometimes a dolphin, sometimes a monkey, sometimes a bee—in every episode, and feats of great collaboration are always required.

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When Parents Stop Singing to Their Kids

I have been watching, in amazement, the cartoon Wonder Pets on the children’s television channel, Nickelodeon. Demonstrating the benefits of teamwork, Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle and Ming-Ming the duckling (Ming-Ming is everyone’s favourite, and mine too) save a pet in trouble in every episode; sometimes a dolphin, Continue reading

Ireland’s Dance with Music: An Interview with Bill Whelan

In April 1994, the seven-minute performance of Riverdance, combining the music of Bill Whelan with a reinterpretation of traditional Irish dance, had an immediate and remarkable impact on the Irish public. Shining a new, international spotlight on Ireland and Irish culture at a time of great economic, political and cultural change, Continue reading

Gaelacadamh in Conamara

On Thursday evening I attended the annual concert of Gaelacadamh in Conamara. When I mentioned, in the latest editorial, organisations that have overtaken Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann in terms of dynamism I was Continue reading

The X-Factor: cad é a léiríonn sé faoi chúrsaí ceoil?

Is cuimhin liom ceithre bliana ó shin, agus mé féin agus mo bhean chéile ag ceannach ár gcéad teach, go mbíodh muid – dála go leor lánúineacha eile –ag caitheamh ár ndeirí seachtaine ag dul timpeall na n-eastát nua tithíochta a bhí ag teacht ar an margadh. Ag siúl timpeall na dtithe beaga, thugainn faoi deara go raibh úsáid bainte as gach Continue reading

Music education services: achievable without a critical mass?

Recently, I sent a version of my editorial from the May-June 07 JMI into the Irish Times as a letter. It was published on April 24th (below), and a response came from Deirdre McCrea of Music Network on April 27th (also below).

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Education v. Branding

Many who have had the benefit of a music education are surprised to learn how many others go without. Ireland, the musical nation, with a harp on its coins and one of Europe’s strongest folk music traditions, compares poorly to other European counties in the provision of music education. For those who are passionate about music education, Continue reading

John Blacking

I haven’t spoken to many other traditional musicians who undertook a music degree so I don’t know how representative my experience is, but it seems appropriate at the moment to introduce into the magazine this particular aspect of Irish third-level music education. I do think that the integration of traditional musicians into third level is a healthy development for both traditional music and Irish music education, not simply because a Continue reading