28 Jan 2023: Speaking at Scoil Gheimhridh Chumann Merriman in Salthill, Galway. The text of my talk (as Gaeilge) is here.

23 Jan 2023: Speaking at Your Roots Are Showing folk music conference in Monaghan on behalf of Music Alliance Ireland.

30 Nov 2022: Article – ’10 Impossible Ideas for Irish Traditional Music’ (edited text of my talk at Na Píobairí Uilleann)

17 November 2022: Notes & Narratives lecture: 10 Impossible Ideas for Irish Traditional Music, Na Píobairí Uilleann, Dublin, 8.30pm

5 November 2022: Speaking at TradTalk 2022

28 July 2022: Article: ‘Confusing the Discourse’ – Why Fossil Fuel Companies Should Not Be Sponsoring the Arts

28 July 2022: ‘Future Music?’ – A Discussion from the Music Current Festival 2022

10 July 2022: Music Alliance Ireland second public meeting @ Clonmel Junction Arts Festival

27 June 2022: ‘Tá Desmond fennell ar fáil’ – radio essay on the Irish writer Desmond Fennell broadcast on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

21 May 2022: Public interview with Matt Molloy and John Carty at Follow the Tune, King House, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

19 May 2021: Review of Gerald Barry Cello Concerto

28 April 2022: Music Alliance Ireland First Public Meeting and Launch

23 April 2022: Taking part in a panel on the future of concerts at the Music Current festival.

21 April 2022: Discussing the new organisation Music Alliance Ireland with Ger Sweeney On Talk Radio Europe.

5 April 2022: Raidió na ‘Fuddy-Duddies’?

30 March 2022: Taking part in panel on Music and Employability at Maynooth University Music Department

13 March 2022: New weekly traditional music session at Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal, with Charlie Lennon, Éilís Lennon and Toner Quinn. All welcome.

7 March 2022: Giving a talk to students of the UCC music degree.

2 March 2022: Giving a traditional fiddle workshop at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

12 January 2022: Article: The Manipulation of Music Goes On

7 January 2022: Ag caint faoi an bunioncam do na h-ealaíon ar Iris Aniar ar Raidió na Gaeltachta. Tosnaíonn sé ag 6:00.

24 December 2021
CMC Amplify podcast: Reflections on 2021

7 December 2021: Article: Where is the Deeper Conversation About Our Decimated Music Scene?

2 December 2021: Article: What If We Had More Music Hubs?

24 November 2021
Launching Anne-Marie O’Farrell’s album Embrace: New Directions for Irish Harp at the Contemporary Music Centre. https://bit.ly/3E0PEYF

17 November 2021: Book Review: Martin Hayes’ Shared Notes

29 September 2021: Article: We Have Celebrated Ó Riada Enough

21 September 2021: Article: No One is Talking About What Musicians Get Paid

8 September 2021: Review: After the Silence

26 August 2021: Article: Music in Ireland has a Glass Ceiling and Its Called Nationalism

19 August 2021: Article: Does Irish Music Need One Voice?

5 August 2021: Article: Irish Fatalism and the Lack of Planning for Live Music

22 July 2021: Article: Music and the Arts Need Ideas and Debate Too

20 July 2021: Ag caint faoi Desmond Fennell ar Iris Aniar ar Raidió na Gaeltachta.

9 July 2021
Interview with the Society of Young Publishers, Ireland

30 June 2021
Why Isn’t Irish Traditional Music ‘Curated’ Too?

20 May 2021
We Need to Talk about Creativity in the Post-Pandemic Era

20 January 2021
How RTÉ Can Restore Its Leadership Role in Music

13 January 2021
TradTalk 2020 – Part 2: Panel Discussion: Engaging With The Media. Chair: Toner Quinn. Contributors: Peter Browne, Ellie Byrne, Paula Carroll

17 December 2020
The Continuing Journey of Martin Hayes

19 November 2020
Understanding the Core Tradition

5 November 2020
Rebuilding the Public Conversation Around Music

22 October 2020
How the Arts Made Their Funding Breakthrough

1 October 2020
The Futures We are Imagining are Too Narrow

13 August 2020
John Hume and the Artists That Make Us Think

1 July 2020
The Silencing of An Spidéal – Why Catherine Martin Needs to Set Out a New Vision for the Arts

17 June 2020
The Unresolved Mystery of David Gray

11 June 2020
The Songs We Don’t Talk About

28 May 2020
‘Ireland Performs’ Series Backed Musicians into an Uncomfortable Corner

21 May 2020
Podcast: How Should the State Respond to the Covid-19 Arts Crisis?

13 May 2020
Review: Traditional Music’s Slow-Changing World

6 May 2020
Podcast: Irish Music Through the Lens – An Interview with Myles O’Reilly

29 April 2020
Podcast: ‘Folk music… can’t be underestimated as a source of huge inspiration’: An Interview with Cathy Jordan of Dervish

15 April 2020
Podcast: From the Bothy Band to the Celtic Fiddle Festival – An Interview with Fiddle-player Kevin Burke

15 April 2020
Review: Carrying So Much – Liam O’Flynn and the Tradition

8 April 2020
Podcast: COVID-19 – Artists Around the World

1 April 2020
Podcast: COVID-19 – The Impact on Festivals

26 March 2020
Article: There is No Going Back Now – Live Music and the Pandemic

25 March 2020
Podcast: COVID-19 – What Now for Music and the Arts?

18 March 2020
Podcast: ‘New Music in Irish… Means the Language is Alive’: An Interview with Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

11 March 2020
Podcast: The Next Twenty Years of New Music in Ireland – What Do We Need to Do?

4 March 2020
Podcast: Finding Your Voice as a Folk Singer: An Interview with Daoirí Farrell

29 February 2020
The Journal of Music 20th Birthday event @ New Music Dublin

26 February 2020
Article: Can Anyone But Artists Themselves Solve Their Money Problems?

23 January 2020
Review – Music for Galway Midwinter Festival: The Beethoven Connection

13 December 2019
Article: The Harp and Soul of Ireland

21 November 2019
Article: Are We Ambitious Enough for Irish Traditional Music?

7 November 2019
Article: Lankum Won’t Let Ireland Forget

30 October 2019
Review – Irish Memory Orchestra: Seeing Beyond

17 October 2019
Review – Irish National Opera: There Are No Winners

10 October 2019
Article: A New Irish Musical Language is Developing

11 April 2019
Min Kym, violinist and author, in conversation with Toner Quinn at Cúirt International Festival of Literature

27 October
Harp discussion with Marie Louise O’Donnell at Achill International Harp Festival

6 October 2018
Moderating discussion on Brexit and music at Galway Jazz Festival

29 September 2018
Speaker at Ireland’s Edge Conference at Other Voices Ballina

16 August 2018
Article: Somebody is in Control

7 August 2018
Article: Remembering Tommy Peoples

1 August 2018
Article: How Musicians Can Start to Afford Ireland

1 August 2018
Review: Adventurous Spirit

14 June 2018
Article: A Global Ireland Without Musicians

31 May 2018
Review: A High-Wire Act

2 May 2018
Review: Reimagining Belfast

28 April 2018
Play It Again @ Cúirt – in conversation with Alan Rusbridger and Finghin Collins

26 April 2018
Article: Strange Type of Orchestra Love

16 April 2018
Visiting the Irish Times and TheJournal.ie with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing

5 April 2018
Article: Is Music the Glue That Will Get us Through?

14 March 2018
Liam O’Flynn: An Appreciation

12 January 2018
Launch of Music Writer Mentoring Scheme for Northern Ireland

13 December 2017
Performing with Aimee Banks at Galway Clinic

6 December 2017
Article: The Orchestras are Only One Part of the Question

10 November 2017
Visiting Westside Press, IFP Media and New Island Books with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing

4 November 2017
Contributing to Music Matters on BBC Radio 3 – what the internet is telling us about our musical lives. Listen here (starts at 20’50”).

3 November 2017
Attending Trade Day at Dublin Book Festival 2017

3 November 2017
Review of Galway Jazz Festival

28 October 2017
Chairing a panel discussion titled ‘The harp as a symbol of Ireland – a help or a hindrance?’ at Achill International Harp Festival

21 October 2017
Attending event to mark 30 years of Waterford IT music degree and giving talk to current students.

4 October 2017
Review of Kilkenny Arts Festival.

8 August 2017
Review of The Second Violinist at the Galway International Arts Festival.

21 July 2017
Performing with soprano Aimee Banks at Galway Fringe Festival.

8 July 2017
Discussing Helen Phelan’s new book, ‘Singing the Rite to Belong’ on BBC Radio 3.

16 June 2017
Performing at the Cuimhneacháin ‘an Mine’ concert in Seancoil Sailearana, Indreabhán.

6 June 2017
Announcing the participants of the Music Writer Mentoring Schemes in Galway City and County Clare.

3 June 2017
Irish Times review of Post-Truth by Evan Davis. https://goo.gl/K1jB8B

3 June 2017
Taking part in Ceili House on RTÉ Radio 1, broadcast from An Spidéal, Co. Galway. Full programme: https://goo.gl/TX6qN4

28 May 2017
Article: Music in the Wake of Manchester

2 May 2017
Review of Cormac Begley’s solo album

18 April 2017
Review of The Loom by Liam O’Connor

17 April 2017
Taking part in discussion on traditional music and the state on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta as part of Cruinniú na Cásca.

3 April 2017
Radio essay on Arena, RTÉ Radio 1.

31 March 2017
Visit to Penguin Ireland, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and O’Brien Press with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

30 March 2017
Review of An tEarrach Thiar

22 March 2017
On Galway Bay FM discussing the new music writer mentoring scheme for Galway City.

18 March 2017
West of Ireland music scene for Journal spotlight. 

15 March 2017
Interview on Morning Focus on Clare FM – discussing the new music writer mentoring scheme for County Clare.

13 March 2017
Launch of Music Writer Mentoring Scheme for Galway and Clare

1 March 2017
Attending NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) consultation on new Junior Cycle Music. http://www.juniorcycle.ie/Curriculum/Subjects/Music/Music

12 January 2017
Attending Places Matter: What happens when we invest in the arts? conference, organised by the Arts Council.

4 January 2017
Article – The Classical Music Establishment Strikes Back

2 December 2016
Taking part in the Ireland’s Edge Conference as part of the Other Voices Festival in Dingle. https://goo.gl/0UFjca

1 December 2016
“There is no doubt that Toner Quinn’s Report on the Harping Tradition in Ireland, published by the Arts Council, An Chomhairle Ealaíon in 2015, was a turning point for the harp in Ireland; it acted as a catalyst and captured a sense of the liveliness and bubbling undercurrent of harp activity simmering all over the country. It empowered the harp community, giving it a confident voice to assert, as Quinn pointed out, ‘a tradition that has been recovered, recreated, reimagined and reinterpreted for the present day’.” – Aibhlín McCrann, An Cruitire (Dec 2016)

26 November 2016
Fiddle talk and performance for An tAcadamh in An Cheathrú Rua.

12 November 2016
Article: Irish Musicians, Do Not Normalise This Hatred

30 October 2016
Attending the 2nd meeting of the new umbrella organisation Harp Ireland: Cruit Éireann at Achill Harp Festival. See http://achillharpfestival.ie and https://goo.gl/6um2Ox

28 October 2016
Visiting Lonely Planet (Dublin office), Ashville Media and Westside Press with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

17/18 September & 8/9 October
Ag glacadh páirt in Éirí Amach Chois Fharraige, séo atá scríobhtha ag Joe Steve Ó Neachtain. Mar chuid den seó, bhí mé ag labhairt faoi mo shin-sean uncail, Thomas Walsh, a ghlac páirt in Éirí Amach na Cásca i 1916.
Taking part in Éirí Amach Chois Fharraige, a show written by Joe Steve Ó Neachtain. As part of the show, I spoke about my great-grand uncle Tom Walsh, who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising.

9 September 2016
Concert for An tAcadamh in An Cheathrú Rua with Breandán Ó hEaghra (guitar/original songs in Irish) and my son, Oliver Quinn (fiddle).

8 April 2016
Live at the Steeple Sessions by Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke now on Spotify. https://goo.gl/vbOz5S

14 April 2016
Visiting Storyful, Maximum Media and Gill Books with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

2 March 2016
Reading from the work of Bob Gilmore at The World According to Bob: A Night of Irish Music at Café OTO, London.

15 February 2016
Which Political Party Should Get the Music Vote?

25 January 2016
Will 2016 be a Turning Point for the Irish Harp?

19 January 2016
Arts Council publishesReport on the Harping Tradition in Ireland

5 January 2016
Article: Time to Reignite the Fight for Music in 2016

3–5 November 2015
Attending Web Summit. https://websummit.net/

23 October 2015
Visiting Hachette Books Ireland, Image Magazine and Brosna Press with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

22 October 2015
Published review of Ensemble Ériú’s Stargazer.

19 October 2015
Presenting my research on the harping tradition in Ireland to the Arts Council and members of the harper community. National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. Full report to be published by the Arts Council in November 2015.

12 September 2015
Con Tempo Quartet / Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke / David Conway (saxophone) @ Galway City Museum – 11am–1pm. http://www.journalofmusic.com/listing/05-08-15/3-saturdays-3-kinds-music-0

7 July 2015
Why We Need a Traditional Music Infrastructure

29 April 2015
The End (and the Beginning) of the Experimental Music Festival

16 April 2015
Visiting The Collins Press, Bradshaw Books and Vearsa with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

12–15 March 2015
Attending Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Bergen, Norway. http://www.borealisfestival.no/home-2/

1 April 2015
Article: Who Will Invest in Irish Music?

7 March 2015
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Belfast Trad – fiddle workshop & recital. http://belfasttrad.com/

29 January 2015
Toner Quinn (solo fiddle) @ Santa Rita Concerts, Little Museum of Dublin 

25 January 2015
Article in the Sunday Business Post
Sunday Business Post 25.1.2015

12 January 2015
Arts Tonight interview on RTÉ Radio 1.

9 January 2015
Article: ‘Our media have a great deal to answer for’

19 December 2014
Article: You’re Not an Artist, You’re a Start-up

14 December 2014
Article: Is the musical focus of the tech world too narrow?

29 November 2014
Music workshop as part of the Diploma in Irish Culture in NUI Galway / Ceardlann cheoil in Áras na Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh (Dioplóma sa Chultúr Dúchais)

28 November 2014
Performing at Laochra Chonamara: Bob Quinn in An Taibhdhearc, Galway

25 November 2014
Performing live on Raidió na Gaeltachta / Beo ar Iris Aniar ar Raidió na Gaeltachta, mar chuid den chlár faoi Laochra Chonamara.

4–6 November 2014
Attending Web Summit. http://websummit.net/

23 October 2014
Visiting Liberties Press, Irish Arts Review, and Grehan’s Printers with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing

12 October 2014
Interview in the Sunday Business Post
Sunday Business Post 10 Oct 2014

4 October 2014
Leitrim Equation 4: Giving a Workshop on Marketing for Musicians, The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, 10am–1pm

28 September 2014
Performing with Ceoltóirí Óga Chois Fharraige at Oireachtas Chois Fharraige, 1974–2014. http://www.coisfharraige.ie/oireachtas-chois-fharraige/oireachtas-chois-fharraige-2014/

20 September 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Clifden Arts Festival

17 September 2014
Speaking at Tower Seminar Series – The Frost Is All Over: Writing about Traditional Irish Music: Óró Domhnaigh and the Journal of Music @ Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. http://journalofmusic.com/listing/16-09-14/tower-seminar-series-frost-all-over-writing-about-traditional-irish-music-oro

12 September 2014
Article: A Gaeltacht Moment

25 July 2014
Article: From the Ground Up: Miltown Malbay and the cultural spaces that draw us back

22 July 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

19 July 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Galway Fringe Fiddle Festival. http://galwayfringe.ie/events/galway-fringe-fiddle-festival/

18 July 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke playing live on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

25 June 2014
Teaching at Blas – International Summer School of Irish Traditional Music and Song and presenting the Francis Roche Memorial Lecture.
Lecture title: ‘The Thin Green Line: On Writing About Irish Traditional Music’

21 June 2014
Article on harp research in The Journal.

5 June 2014
Commissioned by the Arts Council to undertake research into the harping tradition in Ireland:

9-11 May 2014
Attending Spor Festival for Contemporary Music and Sound Art in Aarhus, Denmark. http://www.sporfestival.dk/
Article: The Splintering

4 May 2014
Launching a new CD, The Eighteen Maloney by uilleann piper David Power, at Féile Joe Éinniú.

25 April 2014
Article: The Search for Recognition

10 April 2014
Article: What Ireland Can Teach the World About Music

27 March 2014
Article: Who Would Choose the Creative Life?

25 March 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke with Breandán O hEaghra @ Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Dublin, 6pm

14 March 2014
Article: Where Noel Hill Meets Jennifer Walshe

8 March 2014
Article in The Journal: Music and austerity – how do we express the time we live in?

8 March 2014
New Music Dublin, NCH, 1.30pm: participating in a discussion on ‘How emerging composers engage with their public’

4 March 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke/Noel Hill/Peter Browne @ Session with the Pipers , The Cobblestone, Dublin, 9pm

28 February 2014
Article: The Journey of Caoimhín O Raghallaigh

14 February 2014
Visiting Transworld Ireland and Harmonia with students of the MA in Literature and Publishing.

14 February 2014
Article: All to Play For: A Challenge for Music and Musicians

3 February 2014
Contributor to Arts Tonight: A River of Sound: celebrating and debating The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland

24 January 2014
Article: How Can We Connect to the Musical Life Around Us?

20 January 2014
Article: Music and the Betrayal of Ireland

26 January 2014
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Celtic Connections, Glasgow, 8pm

24 January 2014
Article: A Connection Like a Full Moon

6 December 2013
Live at the Steeple Sessions selected by the Irish Times as one of the traditional music albums of 2013.

9 November 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Glück-auf-Keller, Besigheim, Germany

8 November 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Professor Pröpstls Puppentheater, Backnang, Germany

7 November 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Vorstadttheater, Tübingen, Germany

3 November 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Schlosskeller, Marbach am Neckar, Germany. Tickets here.

24 October 2013
Attending Womex in Cardiff, Wales.

16 October 2013
Chairing meeting of Irish harpers at the Arts Council.

13 October 2013
Toner Quinn + Malachy Bourke @ Cork Folk Festival, 6pm – Duo Concert, An Spailpín Fánach
Toner Quinn + Malachy Bourke @ Cork Folk Festival, 9pm – Supporting Rynne/Barou/Lunny,  The Pavilion

31 August 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Electric Picnic

26 July 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Galway Arts Festival

‘Cóilín Phádraig Shéamais’ Galway Arts Festival

10 July 2013
‘The Rakes of Kildare’ on Clare FM @ Willie Clancy Summer School

7 July 2013
Launch of Live at the Steeple Sessions, Willie Clancy Summer School

5 July 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Traidphicnic

20 June 2013
Speaking @ The Future of Music in the Digital World Conference
Text of talk: ‘How can we use digital technology to connect to the musical life around us?’

12 May 2013
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ @ Baltimore Fiddle Fair

4 May 2013
Performing solo @ Féile Joe Heaney

9 March 2013
Performing with Rís @ Áras na nGael

26 December 2012
Te Bruite Project with Rís @ Tigh Mholly

15 August 2012
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Masters of Tradition

Malachy Bourke, Martin Hayes & Toner Quinn

1 August 2012
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Kaleidoscope

5 July 2012
Performing with jazz guitarist Stevie McFarlane @ Volvo Ocean Race Festival

Toner Quinn Stevie McFarlane Volvo Ocean Race

2 November 2011
Accompanying the 1912 film His Mother on solo fiddle @ Irish Film Institute

1-2 October 2011
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Cork Folk Festival

23–30 August 2011
@ Sharq Taronalari Festival, Uzebekistan, with Sean Corcoran, Malachy Bourke, Brian Bourke and Lorcán Brady


19 July 2011
Toner Quinn and Malachy Bourke @ Steeple Sessions

6 July 2011
Accompanying the film His Mother (1912) @ Galway Film Fleadh

25 April 2010
The Journal of Music wins the Utne Independent Press Award for Arts Coverage in Washington DC
Good news from the USA!

September 2004
Publication of Towards a Policy for the Traditional Arts, the report of the Special Committee on the Traditional Arts.

September 2011
Publication of Desmond Fennell: his life and work, edited by Toner Quinn: