Our Technological Land of Oz

For nine years, I have been poised as a magazine publisher, ready to leap into the virtual world entirely. From about 2006, I was expecting it every month. It has yet to happen. Earlier this year I witnessed another magazine, not unlike ours – one that I regularly flicked through – go online and I stopped reading it entirely. No one will find Continue reading

Year Two of the JMI

The first publisher I worked for once told me that if I ever intended starting up a magazine, I should remember that somebody, somewhere has already done exactly what I might intend to do. So, the task is to find their work, find out how they did it, by all means copy them – but learn from their mistakes.

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Introducing The Journal of Music in Ireland

Welcome to The Journal of Music in Ireland. Appearing every two months, JMIaims to bring together new writing on classical, jazz and traditional music in Ireland. Although we have called it a journal, it is not to define it as anything academic. The simple aim behind JMI is to provide a space where those involved at the grassroots level of Continue reading